Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cess Mae Visitacion, Chevin Cecilio, Nichole Baranda Revealed on Buzz ng Bayan


Buzz ng Bayan announced another 3 housemate.

3 housemates blind folding after they launched on Buzz ng Bayan, are you guys ready for the next housemate to be reveal? See you in front of Big Brother House as Kuya's welcoming the remaining housemate at PBB Kick Off.


Cess Mae Visitation - "The Biba Raketera" from Valenzuela, she is a breadwinner of the family. She joined PBB All In because she wants to help her family, well lets find out if she will conquer the hard challenges in PBB House.


Chevin Cecilio - "The Simpatikong Salesman" from cam sur, he work as Property Specialist. He love playing bassketball with his brothers and friends during his free time, for all the girls he still single.


Nichole Baranda - "The Sweet Revelation" from Makati, she is a daughter of celebrity TV host Phoemela Baranada.