Friday, May 2, 2014

PBB All In Housemate Maris Racal (Singing Sunshine) News Updates

Photo from @PBBabscbn Twitter account.
10. Maris Racal "Singing Sunshine" of Davao

Maris Racal was grew up in a music lover family, her parents both play guitar. Maris learned to play guitar on her own watching videos tutorials on the internet, also she play piano, ukulele, and beatbox.

At the age of 16, she really love classic music. On her interview, she admitted that she still  love her boyfriend. Will her stay inside PBB house is the way to move on in her breakup? Will she find a new love inside the house?

Find out more about Maris Racal inside Pinoy Big Brother house, watch PBB All In Uber at 3:15 pm and 9:50 pm on primetime.